Suzanne Shaw, Psy. D., MFT



Therapy can be a crucial part of your life journey.   I am honored and privileged to walk alongside you as you undertake this challenging and rewarding process of self-discovery. I consider it heroic and critical to become self-aware. It requires honesty, courage and humility. We cannot see our whole self with only our own viewpoint.  We have blind spots in our assumptions and perspectives.  We need one another to mirror and reflect us, our weaknesses and strengths, patterns in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.  Just as you literally need to look into a mirror to see the back of your head or the inside of your mouth, an attentive and attuned other can help you see and know yourself beyond your own ability to do so.  This is what ideal parents, mentors, coaches, bosses and friends do. But sometimes people fall short of seeing, understanding, and loving us well in our childhoods and in our present lives.   We don't flourish and develop as we should.


The process of therapy can help you grow beyond the places you find yourself feeling inadequate, hurting, stuck, deficient, failing, unfulfilled, wounded, angry, resentful, ashamed, self-critical, unforgiving or fearful or --- fill in the blank with anything that is keeping you from being your better self.   


It is impossible to describe what therapy will be for you, or where it will take you because each individual's process is as unique as their fingerprint.  I won't put you through a program, a theory, or a set of pre-structured exercises.  I will listen to you intently, with my eyes, ears, and heart.  I will listen to what you say and what you are not saying, and the way you are saying it, and what you are doing in your voice and face and body as you say it.  I will tell you what I am hearing and noticing and thinking and feeling as I listen to you.  We both go along the river of getting to know you, and we see where that leads.  No two conversations are the same.