Suzanne Shaw, Psy. D., MFT

Clinical Specialties

People and issues I enjoy working with include the following:

individual adult

Individual Adults (18+)

Gaining understanding and expanding awareness of your unique and dynamic personality; your family history and your role in it; your strengths and liabilities; patterns in thinking, feeling, and relating; clarifying and working toward integration or resolution of internal and external dilemmas and conflicts.


The Enneagram is a powerful tool used to promote self-discovery and growth, as well as enhance interpersonal relationships. Integrating this into the therapeutic process provides great direction and insight. Learn more at The Enneagram Institute.


Couples Love


Married or not, straight or gay, family relationships, parenting issues, communication, emotional and intimacy dynamics,  singlehood and dating.

Sexual Issues

Including performance anxiety, low desire, infidelity, sexual abuse, sexual orientation, fantasies. 


Sexual issues

spiritual issues

Spiritual Issues

Exploration of relationship to God, belief system, doubt, faith, church and religion, spiritual abuse, spiritual / psychological integration, practices and expression in the world, calling, spiritual giftedness, "dark night of the soul," transformation and transcendence of the personality.

Women’s Issues

Femininity, sexuality, motherhood and / or career, relationships with food, our bodies (weight, health, and beauty), men and other women, empowerment, caretaking without codependency.

Womens issues


Emotions, Moods, and States of Being

Understanding and dealing with ALL feelings and states of being, whether (to name just a few) anxiety, grief & bereavement, mood swings, depression, anger, resentment, frustration, sadness and loss, confusion, agitation, panic and high-energy states, creativity, love, loneliness, boredom, emptiness, obsessiveness, heartbreak, general emotional pain.

Existential/Humanistic Issues

Finding meaning and purpose in life; what constitutes happiness, fulfillment, and good relationships; realizing your potential and your goals and making your contribution to the world and the next generation.  Living in the tension between accepting yourself and others as they are while striving for growth, improvement and deepening.



Individual and Collective Unconscious

Working with the unconscious through images, dreams, metaphors, symbolism,  bodily sensations and body memory.  Awakening the artist / creator within; relating to literature, myth, music, movies and art.

Helping Professionals

Doctors, nurses, educators and teachers, psychologists, marriage & family therapists, physical therapists, social workers, missionaries and pastors.  Issues of high-stress, high-responsibility, high-emotion people-oriented jobs; self-care while caring for others; needing to be needed; dependency and co-dependency;  burnout, overextension and secondary (vicarious) trauma; the benefits and liabilities of having the gifts of service, sensitivity and empathy.



Wonderful People

Working with highly intelligent, abstract and philosophically-thinking, gifted, successful, creative people (but then, who wouldn't love that?).  Every person is unique and beautiful at the core.